Tuesday, January 9, 2007

3 down 1 to go

Flight from Detroit to Paris was bumpy. It was about a 7 hour flight, the first two hours of which were very uncomfortable. My seat neighbor, a mother who visiting her daughter and her son-in-law here in Paris., was very chatty I arrived at Paris at about 11am. the weather was not pleasant. It was cloudy and lightly raining the whole day, which made walking and picture taking rough. Nevertheless, I persevered. I visited the area where the Bastille used to be. I went to the musee de le' orangerie (sp?), walked through the Louvre to get to a metro stop. I also walked around some restaurant and shopping districts. Oh yea, and the first thing i did was try to find the gardens de Luxembourg... which, because I had a helluva time reading my map, took a lot longer than I would have liked.

Overall, Paris was nice. The parks have too many rocks and not enough grass, but the people were nice, so that was helpful. That’s it. I am not really in a mood to share the whole day, I haven’t slept in a while and am grumpy. There are some pictures up now so enjoy.


Angela said...

gorgous picture of The Lourve... I would love to frame that. can you send me the file?

Sarah said...

You look so comfortable! Although what is that thing that appears to be coming straight out of your nose?