Wednesday, January 10, 2007

In Tokyo Day 1 (no, not blogging each day)

I got in at about 11pm. To a Japanese woman holding my name. I felt honored, that is until I discovered the reason for this special treatment. Air France, during the 13 hour layover in Paris, was unable to get my bags from point A to point B. Yes, that's right, my bags remained in Paris and I had arrived in Tokyo. After explaining what my bags looked like to the lovely Air France operative, I departed Narita Airport. The only advantage to them failing to deliver my bags was that I didn't have to carry them on the train and the taxi to the hotel. I had no trouble getting into the train and then the taxi. The hotel is nice, very small room, but hot water and heat (it's cold here) and high speed internet. My sleep schedule is not quite right, but it's close, I am sure I’ll equalize in the next couple days. I also jerry rigged an electric converter for my laptop, so I can charge it.

I had an extensive day of orientation, I am now oriental (haha... moving on). I am going to Sumo in a couple weeks and I met a few very nice people who are looking for an apartment too. It seems like most people are willing to spend between 1000 and 1400, which is good (and unfortunately necessary). Also they got us Subway for lunch, but are taking us out to a nicer (and more authentic dinner) with an open bar. Also, tomorrow I have my first class, International Criminal Law. In fact, we are leaving for dinner now. Can't post pics today, more to come though.


Angela said...

Subway is sooooo authentic!

M. Jonathan Wein said...

Gainesville just isnt the same without you JP