Saturday, January 13, 2007

new things

So these last couple days have been hectic but very exciting. I’ve met all my classmates. They are a very diverse group with different goals for their study abroad experience. Some want to drink 24/7 and others seem to only wan to study. Luckily most are somewhere between the two. Apartment finding is still in full effect and I should have one by Monday. You’ll see from the pictures I have been venturing out in to Tokyo. I had some sushi, which was very fresh (so I am told) and not terrible. Also on Friday night a huge group of us decided to go out, and we ended up at a karaoke bar, which, apparently is an incredibly popular thing to do. The way it works is you pay for about 2 hours and during that time you can have all you can drink. It’s about 12 dollars per 2 hours (at least that’s what it was for our large group). I drank, I sang, I was merry.

I’ve had international criminal law and intro to Japanese law. The Criminal law class is taught by a husband wife team and will be just ok. The Japanese law class is taught by the associate dean of the law school who’s very interesting and I think will be a great teacher.

There’s definitely a learning curve coming here, but as I mentioned to a couple people already, for me, it’s more the difference in a big city to a small city than it is the difference between the US and Japan. That said, the culture is wayyyyy different too. Everyone is trusting and most are trustworthy, the city is very clean despite the inexplicable absence of garbage cans. The subway runs like a machine and oddly no one looks at anyone else while on the subway. This weekend (Saturday) I am going to a Sumo wrestling match, so that should be awesome, expect some pics of some large Asian men.


Angela said...

I would be seriously screwed in the food department over there.... I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying your raw fish so much!

Christine said...

fun! As you might've imagined, I got this link from my fabulous friend Ang... and I'm amused reading it. I only recently got into sushi... so that plate is wayy more than I've ever tried! Glad you're having fun.

M. Jonathan Wein said...

Hey, I heard there was an 8.4 mag earthquake off of the coast of Japan, please update so I know all is well.


Jonathan said...

Christy, hello. always welcome. Matt, I am well, no tremors or anything. although sumo men did shake ground a little.

Angela said...

and in the event of an earthquake, you know the drill :)