Sunday, February 4, 2007

Language Lesson (English)

FIRST the picture below belongs in the above post. I took it from the top of the tall building.

Also, lest you think all I do is sightsee and take pictures, I added this post. Some days, especially when the night before lasted into the next morning, I will take a book to a coffee shop overlooking a major street and read and people watch. The ‘Shibuya_crossing” video is such an example. Today I read parts of a book my dad gave me before I came. It’s entitled the life of language. Today I learned that clock and cloak are doublets. This means they both have the same etymon (true source of a word). Both cloth and cloak come from the Medieval Latin clocca (bell). A cloak got its name because its shape was like that of a bell. Clock, on the other hand, was so called because it meant a timepiece in which each hour is marked by the sound of a bell. I found that interesting.

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