Sunday, March 4, 2007

Ang Day 5

On day 5, Ang and I went to Nikko. Nikko is full of temples that close by 4pm and a really cool restaurant. The temples were really nice. Unlike kamakura, the temples at Nikko were very near each other, so we didn't have to walk quite so much. The people in charge of the temples at Nikko let you walk around the inner areas more than those in kamakura, but didn't allow pictures. Also in Nikko is this little restaurant called Hipari daco. It's a tiny little place with only 3 small tables. The walls are covered by thousands of business cards, pictures, money from around the world, and other identifying personal items. I even saw a powercard from D+B (for those who know what D+B is). The restaurant itself was completely amazing and adorable. It was run by a woman, who cooked and served the food, and probably lived right upstairs. Also this was probably our best meal. Delicious chicken skewers and rice and noodles. It was fabulous. I don't think the restaurant alone would have been worth the 2 hour train ride, but between the food and the temples, the trip was well worth the time.


Sarah said...

I enjoy how my sister can wear your clothes :)

Corey said...

Hey Jonathan, I got a question. If I took a trip to Japan do you think I could land some extra yen just by being a random tall black guy roaming the streets? Like a traveling circus act or something.

Or better yet I can pose as every single large black actor ever. Michael Clarke Duncan? Forest Whitaker? Denise's husband from The Cosby Show.

We could make millions!

And I could go on a massive shopping spree at that nine-story electronics store....Ahhh nine stories worth of pure, straight-of-the-assembly line electronics.