Friday, March 16, 2007


After Hamrikyu, Joe and I went to Odaiba. It was still cold and we were hungry so as soon as we got across the river, we sought food. I knew there were a number of restaurants in the Venus Forte Mall, so that was our starting point. Not surprisingly, we decided on an Italian place that served the plainest pizza we could find. The pizza was simple and delicious. Joe ordered a four dollar coke and got a four dollar ginger ale instead. This was a language error that pleased Joe. After the food, we look around the rest of the mall, seeing some “Green” streets and some swank stores. We then went to a massive Toyota showroom, where we rode a little electric car, and we went to famous arcade where Angela rode her pig. This time Joe and I saddled up and rode a panda. And no, sorry mom, but I am not bringing the panda back to the states… I can only imagine how much the charge for it (as if it’s for sale to begin with). The panda ride was awesome (in a, I’ll never do this again, so why not, kind of way). Funny story – when Joe was on the panda, there were some Japanese teenagers who walked by Joe and started taking pictures of him on the panda. Who knew a six foot tall white dude riding a mechanical panda and posing with a Coca Cola as if he were in a commercial, would be such an attraction? After the arcade Joe and I decided that we had been up since 6 and it was time for a nap, so we got back to Gotanda and passed out.


Sarah said...

oh, the panda

Angela said...

story about Joe and the panda- hilarious

picture of Joe on the panda- even more hilarious