Friday, March 16, 2007

Mori / Roppongi

After our well deserved respite, we headed to aksaka and the roppongi area. First, we went to the brand new Mori tower in Roppongi hills. Mori is an architect who designs buildings that are wildly popular. The law firm Joe is working for this summer has an office in Tokyo in the “old” Mori building. One of the partners noted that the firm secured their present location at the top floor of that building, when the former tenant left for the new Mori tower in Roppongi hills. From the top of Mori Tower we saw pretty much all of Tokyo. It was too cloudy to clearly make out Fujisan to the west, but its outline was visible. Also at the top of Mori Tower is a modern art exhibit. Neither Joe nor I are fans of modern art, but our ticket to get to the observatory included admission into the museum so we went. WOW, it was odd. For example, some of the unique and in our opinion ridiculous items were a video of a guy untying his shoe laces with a string, a video of a guy who held a paint brush still at the top of an escalator handrail until the white paint line made it all the way around, a display with cigarettes connected to the body parts most negative affected by smoking, about 100 buckets on the floor where they naturally came to rest after being dropped from the ceiling, and everyday objects like a hammer or a shoe that were put on white plates.

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Angela said...

boo modern art... and btw- is joe eating the choco-pretz? I wish I had tried those :(