Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Ang, final days in Japan

On day six, we went to this really odd (I mean totally strange, out of a fantasy) building. The building was a type of amusement park modeled after an American city, from the 80’s or 90’s. As part of the attraction, there was a food area, which had dozens of types of gyoza (dumplings). Picture the back lot of universal studios, but three floors. Then picture this as an enclosed attraction within a much larger mall and office park. This was basically where the gyoza was located. We arrived after the place closed, but after looking at the two cute Americans on their doorstep, the ticket lady couldn’t refuse us entry. Although there weren’t 1001 types of gyoza as the guidebook implied, there were more than enough, and they were really good.

Angela was here a couple more days, but we packed in so much stuff at the beginning, the photo taking opportunities were quite diminished toward the end. Also on the second to last day before she left, we picked up my friend Joe from Narita airport, and I had a final exam, so that day was not big on sightseeing. However, Angela did get to a beer museum in Ebisu. Also, while I was taking my test, she visited a little shopping area near Ueno. At this shopping complex there were stores that specialized in plastic food. Immediately upon walking the streets of Tokyo, one notices that each of the countless restaurants have plastic food displays outside their establishment. These plastic foods are not limited to cheap places. Angela visited the location that sells these items. Sadly, there were only a couple stores (we were expecting more like a dozen), but it was still kind of neat (so I am told).

Angela's last day was pretty calm. Ang, Joe and I all went to Jonathan's (for the first time) and got food. Then we all hopped on the express to Narita and Angela was off to the USA to start her new amazing job, which may take her to some cool destinations across the US.

Also, I added a couple pictures below that are from random days of Angela’s time here.

Pictures from the Joe era are coming soon.


Sarah said...

thanks for keeping me entertained in the slow parts of my day!

Looking forward to the Joe era- enjoying your blog :)

Angela said...

there are very few things that are sexier than me slurping noodles.... btw- I want someone to open one of those crepe places next to my house.... so tasty!!!!